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Quality is the eternal theme of the enterprise.

Market is the sea, the quality of the ship, the brand is the sail.

The quality of today, tomorrow's market.

Build the quality of the Great Wall, the Chinese economy.

ISO9000 - the source of efficiency and benefit.

Construction of "quality, environment and safety" -- an integrated management system.

Build a quality system of quality culture, create the charm, the quality of the soul.

Future success is a century of quality leaders.

Twenty-first Century - century of quality leader.

Casting brilliant, only the quality.

Quality is more important than cost.

To quality of survival, quality and development, to the quality to benefit.

To the quality of survival, to reform and development.

Quality is qualified to do the duty of the society, the quality of excellence is the contribution to the society.

1, the quality policy:

To improve the quality of existing products, and strive to develop new products. We have developed a detailed product development process according to the needs of the market, to ensure the completion of the new development in the shortest period of time!

2, the quality objectives:

The high standard of fine product quality zero defect; respect is to respect the customer, is to respect the enterprise, is to respect the society, is to respect our.

3, quality standard:

3.1 strict raw materials into the factory inspection

3.2 the production process control:

Every link of production process with the record, once found immediately corrected, and specialized technical personnel responsible for the improvement of production process.

3.3 strict product inspection.

Pre-sales service commitment

1, to provide professional consulting. Answer technical questions you in 5 minutes.

2, to provide detailed information. Will you need technical information posted on the same day, and for you to receive within two days.

3, to provide a reasonable price. 5 minutes for you to provide a reasonable price.

4, to receive visits. The reception of your visit at any time, and try to provide a variety of facilities for your inspection work.

Two, sales service commitment

1, the unified national "industrial products sales contracts" with you signed the contract and technical agreement.

2, abide by the provisions of contract law, contract and technical agreement to ensure smooth performance.

3, to provide quality products by the amount of time for you, and the optimal mode of transport, to ensure that you receive the goods flawless and perfect.

4, actively and use of personnel communication, respect the user arrangements, provide technical support for users.

5, regardless of the size of the contract, all customers are in fair price and service.

Three, customer service service commitment

1 build customer files, and in accordance with customer requirements to provide relevant technical training and technical data.

2 quality problems, the product itself, one year free warranty. The damage caused by improper use, shall not be responsible for.

3, we ensure the telephone guide in 15 minutes, from your own simple troubleshooting